Tam Duc Joint Stock Company was established on November 11, 2010, in the context that the country is on the way to development. With the vision of bringing Vietnamese products further and further out, as well as contributing to the country’s development, strengthening the domestic import-export industry, Tam Duc has developed a solid foundation in the industry.

With the business of importing and exporting metals and metal ores, bamboo and bamboo products as the main business, our company not only meets the domestic demand but also expands to the international market. Our company’s potential markets include India, China, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan… Tam Duc’s products are widely applied to industries such as automobiles, home appliances, metallurgy, metals, motorcycle parts, automobiles, incense sticks, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo skewers, incense powder…

In addition, Tam Duc has also made efforts to develop diversified businesses in metal and bamboo-related industries. Our company focuses on supplying bamboo toothpicks and metal ores, serving the needs of international as well as domestic markets.

In the coming years, Tam Duc will constantly make efforts and intensify reforms in various aspects, accelerate strategy, focus on restructuring, reduce losses and increase profits as well as improve productivity, competitiveness, capacity in safety, and environmental protection.

Tam Duc resolutely pursues the strategic goal of becoming an honest, excellent, friendly, innovative, and respected competitive enterprise nationally and internationally.

Main industries:

  • Mineral trading and importing, exporting: tin concentrate, iron ore, and other mineral ore.
  • Metal trading and importing, exporting: tin ingot.
  • Bamboo and bamboo-related products trading and importing, exporting: bamboo sticks, bamboo skewers, bamboo chopsticks, wood charcoal…
  • Consumer products trading and importing, exporting: agricultural products, food.
  • Other products as prescribed by law.