Gold bars and USD free at the beginning of the week

The USD price was free to follow the downtrend of the week, around 23,500 VND, the USD price was down.
World gold prices fell slightly in Monday morning session (27/8) in Asian markets, pulling down domestic gold prices. The USD price has continued to fall in the downward trend of the week, about VND 23,500 per USD.

At nearly 10h, Phu Quy Group listed SJC gold price in Hanoi market at 36.66 million dong / tael (buy) and 36.76 million / tael (sold out). Compared with Sunday morning, the price of SJC gold in this enterprise is reduced by 10,000 VND / tael.

In HCMC at the same time, PNJ company reported SJC gold price at 36.62 million dong / tael and 36.8 million dong / tael, respectively, buying and selling prices.

In August, the domestic price of gold, especially gold bars, clearly shows the stability of world gold prices. Despite the world price of gold plunged around the threshold of $ 1,200 / oz, gold SJC pieces sold out only “around” in the region 36.7-36.8 million / tael.

Along with the seasonal factors in July lunar calendar, the stability of gold price makes the demand for gold bars continue to be quiet, with the purchase and sale of large jewelry companies kept stable low. PNJ reported trading volume of 300 taels of gold on Sunday, 49% of which was bought and 51% sold.

Free USD prices in Hanoi this morning were VND23,485 (buy in) and VND23,515 (sell out), down by VND15 compared to Saturday.

Vietcombank quoted USD at 23,250 dong (buy in) and 23,330 dong (sold out), down 10 dong compared to Friday.

State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) posted a selling price of USD at 23,313 dong, down 6 dong compared to Friday.

The fall of the USD / VND exchange rate in the country is in line with the exchange rate of USD in the international market.

Following the downward trend on Friday, the Dollar Index measured the strength of the dollar this morning fell 0.1% to 95.07 points.

In the New York session on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Dollar Index fell 0.5 percent, after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he would keep the pace of interest rates rising. This statement by Powell is not out of the market’s forecast, and many experts say that the Fed’s ability to raise rates two times over for the remainder of this year has been fully reflected in the dollar exchange rate.

Spot gold prices in Asia more than 10 hours per hour in Vietnam stood at 1,206.6 USD / oz, down 0.3 USD / oz compared to Friday’s close in New York. This price is equivalent to about 34.2 million VND / tael if it is converted in USD price and not including costs involved.

On Friday, as the dollar fell, spot gold rose nearly 1.8 percent to close at its highest close in three weeks.