The three largest export markets of Vietnam in 9 months

Vietnam’s exports to the Korean market increased by 26.1%, to China by 29.9% and India’s impressive by 88.6% over the same period last year.

According to the latest statistics of the General Department of Customs, the value of commodity exports in September 2018 reached $ 21.12 billion, down 10% over the previous month, equivalent to $ 2.37 billion in value. absolute.

In the first 9 months of this year, Vietnam’s export value reached USD 179.47 billion, up 15.8%, equivalent to USD 24.44 billion over the same period last year.

Of which, seven groups of strong growth were telephones and components (up $ 5.16 billion); textiles and clothing (up $ 3.18 billion); computers, electronic products and components ($ 3.03 billion); machinery, equipment and spare parts (up $ 2.73 billion); iron and steel (up $ 1.21 billion); camera and video camera ($ 1.13 billion); footwear (up $ 1.08 billion).

Notably, the export of Vietnamese goods to China, Korea and India increased the highest in all markets, over 20% over the same period last year.

Specifically, the export of goods to the Korean market in 9 months reached 13.45 billion USD, up 26.1% over the same period in 2017. Export to China reached 28.81 billion USD, up 29.9% . The most impressive is the export to the Indian market reached 5.18 billion, up sharply 88.6% over the same period last year.

In addition, Vietnam’s exports to the US, EU and ASEAN also showed good growth rates of 13.2%, 10.5% and 14.5%, respectively. Of which, Vietnam’s exports to the US were $ 35.02 billion, up $ 4.08 billion over the same period in 2017; exports to the EU (28 countries) reached $ 31.2 billion, up $ 2.96 billion; Exports to ASEAN totaled US $ 18.3 billion, up 2.3 billion.

Imports and imports of goods in September of 1818 in Vietnam reached $ 19.5 billion, down 8.3% in relative numbers and $ 1.77 billion in absolute terms.

Generally for 9 months, the import of goods reached $ 173.14 billion, up 11.6% over the previous year, including 30 major commodity groups reached more than $ 1 billion, accounting for 87% of total imports of the country.

The increase was mainly in computers, electronic products and components; ordinary metals; petrol of all kinds; crude oil and plastics.

Of the 58 major markets with import turnover of more than $ 100 million in the first nine months of 2018, there are 45 markets with positive growth. In which imports from China, Japan have two-digit growth rate, imports from South Korea only increased slightly.

Specifically, the value and import growth rate of Vietnam’s goods from the Chinese market was $ 47.26 billion, up 12.8%; Korea was 35.07 billion dollars, up 1.6% and Japan was 13.87 billion dollars, up 14.6% over the same period last year.

China continues to be the largest market for goods delivered to Vietnam in the past nine months. Major importers of Vietnam were machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts (up 5.7%); Phones and accessories (up 7.5%); computers, electronic products and components (up 7.8%).